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Display devices running Managed Antivirus on the Dashboard

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Where configured from the Columns drop-down. The Dashboard north pane contains a visual indicator of the Managed Antivirus installation state in the bd_shield Bitdefender or clip0699 VIPRE columns. These dots signify: green for active, yellow for pending, red for failed, grey for not supported.




The Managed Antivirus deployment status is contained in two reports. The Managed Antivirus Protection Report from Reports then Managed Antivirus Reports. The Device Inventory Report available from the Reports menu.


For individual devices, their Summary tab reports the installation status under Agent Supported Features.




What do you want to do?


Review the Managed Antivirus Quick Start Guide
Enable Managed Antivirus on individual servers and workstations or on all servers and workstations at a client or site
Configure Managed Antivirus Policies. Includes scan schedules, remediation action (default threat action), end-user interaction
Analyze Managed Antivirus Reports, these cover the provided level of protection