Remove the existing Antivirus product via the Summary tab with CART - single device

Even where the option to Automatically remove conflicting antivirus products is disabled in the Managed Antivirus Settings dialog it is possible to remove the discovered Antivirus product from the Dashboard via the Summary tab.

Once Managed Antivirus is enabled, the Dashboard Summary tab for the device displays information on Managed Antivirus in the Agent Supported Features section with a removal link for any detected and supported products.

To uninstall the product click the remove link and select whether to reboot the device to complete the removal process and subsequently complete the Managed Antivirus installation.

This configuration update is communicated to the Agent during the next 24x7 upload with the removal starting once the selected command is received.

Where the reboot option is selected, a System Shutdown message is displayed on the remote machine to inform the user of the upcoming restart.

mav_remove_ms clip0822 clip0807

The Summary tab on the Dashboard displays the current state of the removal process, for example removal pending through to Active.


Where the option to Automatically remove conflicting antivirus products is enabled for the device the follow confirmation message is displayed: Warning: Any detected third-party antivirus products may be removed since Managed Antivirus installation settings are set to "Automatically remove conflicting antivirus products". Are you certain you wish to continue?

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