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Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool - CART

Running Antivirus solutions side-by-side on the same machine is usually catastrophic for the device, the programs will not only severely affect performance  but can also cause conflicts, for example one program attempts to remove the other, problem where both programs attempt to neutralise a threat etc.

Therefore the Managed Antivirus Agent will not install where another Antivirus product is detected on the device (including VIPRE or Bitdefender) with the incompatible product displayed in the Summary tab for the device once Managed Antivirus is enabled.

In order to install Managed Antivirus it is necessary to remove the existing Antivirus product from the machine and reboot the device to complete the uninstallation. This reboot removes any remnants of the product held in memory, for example Active Protection.

The existing product may be removed manually by logging on to each device and running its uninstaller or via the Summary tab of the Dashboard, navigate to Managed Antivirus - Not Compatible PRODUCT NAME detected and click the force installation link (where supported) to replace the existing solution with Managed Antivirus.

As this can be a time-consuming process, particularly when dealing with a large fleet of workstations, the Dashboard includes the option to automatically remove any supported Antivirus solutions through the Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART).

This is configured in the Installation Settings available as part of the Bitdefender Engine Protection Policy and as a setup option for the VIPRE Engine. Opt to Automatically remove conflicting antivirus products and decide on whether to Automatically reboot device when required.

In addition to removing the competitor product, from Agent 8.18 CART automatically removes any associated Antivirus Update Checks or Windows Service Checks for the uninstalled antivirus solution..


Only supported Antivirus products are detected and any unsupported solutions will require manual removal via that product’s uninstaller.

Please be aware that where a competitor's Antivirus product is installed on a machine but not supported by any of the detection mechanism so undiscovered Managed Antivirus will be installed alongside it on the device.

Information on the products supported for removal are listed in the following CART - Bitdefender Engine and CART Vipre Engine sections.

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