Bitdefender Engine Updates Overview

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) consists of both engine updates and definition updates.  Engine updates provide new features and bug fixes, while definition updates serve new signature files, keeping users protected from the latest emerging threats. Please note that engine updates are released via the same update server as definition updates.

Controlling Managed Antivirus Engine upgrades via the policy

Managed Antivirus Engine updates are controlled by Managed Antivirus - Bitdefender policy assigned to the device with the policy configured via Settings > Managed Antivirus> Protection Policies. Select the target Policy with the Updating options available under its General tab.

By default engine updates are not delayed (Force engine upgrades after: Immediately) and the endpoints will update their engine within 24 hours of its release to the update servers.

When a delay is applied to the engine updates, the endpoint will not download the engine until after the delay period has expired and at this point the agents will take the engine update the next time they check into the definition servers regardless of the day or time. In addition to delaying the upgrade by a number of days, the update can also be scheduled to take place out of office hours - for example overnight or at weekends.

Delaying the engine upgrade will not delay the threat definition updates which will continue to update on their current schedule.

Delaying Managed Antivirus Engine upgrades

To delay the Managed Antivirus engine upgrades up to 10 days after they are released, choose the number of days from the Force engine upgrades after: drop-down.

This will cause the agents using this policy to wait the number of allotted days before taking the engine upgrade.

If the option to Only update engine on weekends or Only update engine overnight (9PM - 3AM) is selected in addition to the delay period, the device will try to upgrade on the first available evening or weekend within the timeframe selected.


Delaying Managed Antivirus upgrades for weekends

To perform the engine upgrades at the weekend, Saturday and Sundays only, select the Only update engine on weekends option. The machine must be online over the weekend to perform the update.

Once the delay period has passed, all agents will take the engine upgrade regardless of this setting.  It is best to set a delay period of 7 days or greater to ensure  any devices using this policy do not try to upgrade before the weekend.


Delaying Managed Antivirus upgrades overnight

To perform the engine upgrades overnight, between 9PM and 3AM locally on the device, select the Only update engine overnight (9PM - 3AM) option. The machine must be online overnight to perform the update.

If the Only update engine overnight (9PM - 3AM) option is the only option selected, the engine will attempt the upgrade the first evening that the device is online.  If the weekend option is selected in addition to the evening option, the upgrade will wait until Saturday or Sunday evening.  Once the delay period has passed, all agents will take the engine upgrade regardless of the day or time.


Controlling Managed Antivirus Reboots

Although the vast majority of engine updates do not require a reboot, there may be the occasional update that requires a reboot to complete the updated engine installation.

Rather than reboot the device manually, we have included the option in the Managed Antivirus Bitdefender Policy's Installation Settings to Automatically reboot device when required which is not only applied when initially installing Managed Antivirus but also for any engine updates. The setting gives the user a 5-minute warning before rebooting the device.

Where this option is unchecked the reboot requirement is reported by the Dashboard with a blue dot under the Reboot column in the north panel against the device and a reboot message displayed in the Summary tab for the device. To initiate a reboot directly from the Dashboard right-click on the target device, select Reboot and choose Now or Later. This option is also available from the Server or Workstation drop-down after selecting the device in the north panel.


Determining Managed Antivirus Master Service and Engine Version

The version of the MAV (Managed Antivirus) Agent and MAV (Managed Antivirus) Engine are recorded in the General information section of the Check Info tab of the Managed Antivirus Check'sMore Information link as well as the Managed Antivirus Protection Report available from the Reports menu.  Please add the Engine Version as an additional column to the Managed Antivirus Protection Report for a more comprehensive view across the devices.

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