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Installation Settings

This section governs the behavior of the agent during installation. It includes the handling of existing antivirus products on the computer. The default agent interface language. The company information displayed in the agent and services.

Detection and Removal (Windows only)

Managed Antivirus will not install where it detects another antivirus product on the computer. This includes standalone VIPRE or Bitdefender installs.

As manually uninstalling products can be a time-consuming process. You can automatically remove any incompatible Antivirus solutions (where supported) through the Competitor Antivirus Removal Tool (CART)

CART only detects and removes supported antivirus products. Unsupported antivirus product require manually removal using that product’s uninstaller.

Installation Settings

Automatically reboot device when required

This setting automatically restarts the computer when required by Managed Antivirus. This includes agent installation, engine updates and threat remediation.

Selecting this option can result of multiple reboots. For example, when removing the current product and installing Managed Antivirus.

The end-user receives Dashboard notifications when a reboot required. They then have five minutes to save their work before the reboot starts.

Further information on the engine update options are available from the Bitdefender Engine Updates Overview section..


Set the Agent UI Language from the drop-down.

Agent Branding Settings

The agent supports the following branding options. applied when the agent first installs.

These settings are editable, but depending on the field they may not update on existing agents.

  • Company Name and Product Name: changes not applied to existing agents.
  • Company Website, Company Phone and Company Email: changes applied to existing agents in the About dialog.

The agent branding settings apply across your whole Client base. As such, we suggest using your own company details.




Company Name

Name displayed as the manufacturer in the agent UI and associated Windows Services.

Managed Antivirus

Product Name

Name displayed for the product in the agent UI. This allows you to market Managed Antivirus under a name of your own design.

Managed Antivirus

Company Website

The website displayed in the Technical Support section of the agent’s About page.


Company Phone

The support contact phone number displayed in the Technical Support section of the agent’s About page. N/A

Company Email

The support email address displayed in the Technical Support section of the agent’s About page. N/A

The following characters are not supported in the Company Name and Product Name fields.

? <> \ : * " | / \\

We suggest that the Product and Company Names should be different.

The Managed Antivirus icon is unbrandable and always display the shield icon mav_bd_icon

mav_bd_policy_install mav_bd_agent_na

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