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Bitdefender Engine - Protection Policies

Protection Policies control all elements of the Bitdefender engine's protection. Bitdefender Policies are common to both Windows and Mac computers. The applied settings depend on the computer's Operating System.

The following sections cover Bitdefender engine Protection Policy options.

Once configured click Save to apply.

Dashboard 6.3 introduced the option to migrate a VIPRE Protection Policy for use by the Bitdefender engine. This is covered in Protection Policy Migration - VIPRE to Bitdefender Engine with Protection Policy Migration Behavior covering those VIPRE settings that are transferred over.

Windows Exclusions: Bitdefender partners with Microsoft to create smart exclusions based on Microsoft recommendations. These smart exclusions are automatically included in the background for each Protection Policy (so do not appear in the Exclusions list) and are applied by the Bitdefender engine depending on the scanned device‚Äôs Operating System.

As such when using the Bitdefender engine there is no longer a requirement to create separate Protection Policies just to scan different Operating System types, unless these policies are to include custom exclusions or settings that only apply to specific Operating systems.

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