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Agent Deployment with Monitoring Templates

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When manually installing the Windows Agent there is the option to choose a template from the Monitoring Template/Installation Template drop-down. Where a default Monitoring Template is selected newly installed servers or workstations at this Client and Site, then this is highlighted in the dialog.


In addition to selecting a template, you can opt to install the Agent with Standard checks. This automatically adds and configures the default 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks allowing you to skip these sections of the installation wizard.


To configure each Check individually through the wizard, choose Customise Checks.


Regardless of the selected template, there is the ability to modify the Checks during the Agent configuration process.




Apply Monitoring Template after installation

As circumstances and the customer’s requirements change it may become necessary to action bulk changes across devices, for example upgrade from Asset Tracking only to monitoring.


Rather than add each Check at the single or multiple device level (which can be time-consuming, and potentially introduce the possibility of human error) we introduced the ability to deploy a Monitoring Template to an existing Agent.