Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Manual Installation

The installation wizard walks the user through some very easy steps to get the Advanced Monitoring Agent installed and running in less than ten minutes. Once reported to the Dashboard the device will then begin to install any enabled features, for example Take Control, Patch Management, Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender or VIPRE engine), Web Protection or Backup & Recovery.

Download the Windows Monitoring Agent from the Dashboard, then run the installer on those devices you wish to place under monitoring.

Manual Agent Installation Breakdown

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Download the Windows Agent from either the Agent or File menu:

    Agent menu

    1. Go to Agent in the top bar
    2. Download Agent
    3. Select the version of the Windows Agent to download

    File menu

    1. Go to File in the top bar
    2. Add Device
    3. Download Agent
    4. Select the version of the Windows Agent to download

    This action triggers the download of a compressed file containing the requested version of the Windows Monitoring Agent.

  3. Unpack the downloaded file on the computer you wish to place under monitoring.
  4. Run the executable
    1. Select the language
    2. Agree to the EULA (where acceptable)
    3. Configure the proxy settings(if required)
    4. At Login, enter your Dashboard username and password
    5. For Workstation Operating System choose Agent mode
      • Server: full range of Checks
      • Workstation: subset of device focused Checks
    6. Enter the new device details
      1. Device Name (Non-configurable for workstations)
      2. Client/Department
      3. Site
      4. Select the Monitoring Template to apply
    7. Configure or tweak the 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks
    8. Test all checks to quickly identify any failing Checks before they are uploaded to the Dashboard.
    9. Start monitoring now and choose the account the Agent service runs under.

If Network Discovery is enabled for the network, you can use the Push Install option to deploy the Windows Agent.

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