Manual Agent Download and Deployment

It is possible to download the Agent package from the repository onto the device then install manually either from the command line or graphical user interface.

After navigating to the directory the Agent can be downloaded from the command line to the device using wget.

For example:

# cd /home/myname/Desktop

# wget http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/architecture/rmmagent-*.i386.rpm

# cd /home/myname/Desktop

# wget http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/architecture/rmmagent-*.x86_64.rpm

Before commencing the installation it may be necessary to import the required GPG key and this can be achieved with the rpm - import command, referencing the repomd.xml.key in the repodata directory of the repository:

# rpm --import http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/repodata/repomd.xml.key

Or if the key was downloaded elsewhere, simply point to its location to install:

# rpm --import /path/to/key

To check whether the key was imported enter the following which lists all keys and their contents.

# rpm -qai "*gpg*" | grep -A 20 rmmagent

Command Line Interface

To begin the deployment process using the command line, navigate to the folder containing the downloaded Agent file, for example:

# cd /home/myname/Desktop

To deploy rmmagent.rpm run the following command as root:

# yum install rmmagent.I386

# yum install rmmagent. x86_64

When prompted enter y to confirm the install size is okay.


Package         Arch          Version                   Repository        Size



rmmagent        x86_64        0.3.centos5-1.29          /rmmagent         22 M

Transaction Summary


Install      1 Package(s)        

Update       0 Package(s)        

Remove       0 Package(s)        

Total size: 22 M

Is this ok [y/N]:

Note if not logged in as root the following error message is displayed when attempting to install:

[myname@localhost Desktop]$ yum install rmmagent.rpm

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror

You need to be root to perform this command.

In this case it is necessary to change to root and retry the deployment.

Graphical User Interface

To begin the deployment process using the GUI, navigate to the folder containing the Agent file and double-click rmmagent.rpm to install.

Please note where the user environment is not root and rmmagent.rpm is double-clicked, it will require entry of the root password to proceed.

After installation Register the Agent on the Dashboard