Maintenance Windows

The Remote Management tool provides continuous monitoring. However, there may be times when it is advantageous to suppress the generation of alerts for a device or selected devices. For example when undergoing maintenance (perhaps the installation of replacement hardware) which would otherwise generate a plethora of failure notifications where this work impacts on a number of the monitored indicators.

To handle these scenarios we have included the ability to manually place individual or multiple Windows, Linux or Mac computers in Maintenance Mode creating a maintenance window during which time failure notifications are suppressed.

Maintenance Mode is available at the Client, Site and Device levels with the option to manually control the Maintenance Window or create a schedule for future start and stop times along with its repetition frequency.

Whilst in Maintenance Mode the Agent continues to communicate with the Dashboard updating checks to reflect their changes state, for example where a previously failed Check now passes. Any Check failures during the maintenance window are indicated on the Dashboard and Outages tab under the maintenance icon maintenance_icon  - rather than a red exclamation box - with the associated Alert and / or PSA ticket suppressed.


There are also a number of visual and status indicators on the Dashboard to help identify those devices currently in Maintenance Mode.

maintenance_accordion maintenance_column

Controlled through the Dashboard, any Maintenance Mode selection are recorded in the User Audit Report. Including start and end times, user who performed the action.

Maintenance Mode does not affect the Dashboard Check clearing functionality.

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