Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Maintenance Mode - Status Indicators

The Dashboard contains visual indicator to help identify devices currently in Maintenance Mode.

Monitoring and Management Client and Site List

Where devices are in Maintenance Mode the associated Client and/or Site icon includes the under maintenance indicator maintenance_icon.


All devices at the Client and or Site are in Maintenance Mode.


At least one device at the Client is in Maintenance Mode


At least one device at the Site is in Maintenance Mode


North Pane

Dashboard Background

Where a device is in Maintenance Mode it's Dashboard background color changes to pearl pearl

Maintenance Mode Column

In addition to changing the background color of the device to pearl, an additional option to highlight the maintenance window state is to select Maintenance Mode from the Columns option above the north panel.

The Maintenance Mode columns displays any device that is either in Maintenance Mode (green dot) or has a Maintenance Mode schedule pending (yellow dot). Click on the dot that corresponds to the device for details of its schedule.

maintenance_column_select maintenance_column

mw_dot_pending mw_dot_active_until

South Pane

Summary Tab

The Summary tab for the devices indicates: MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS


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