Mail Template Substitution Strings (Wildcards)

Substitution strings, available from the Mail Template's Insert Code drop-down, replace the entered wildcard with the corresponding value from the database and may be used to customize the email to match the precise requirements.

For example amend the From address, Subject line or body of an email to match the format required for consumption by helpdesk software or simply change the Subject line for problem visibility when the email arrives in the Inbox, perhaps to include the Client, Site, Device, Check.

Substitution strings are easily added in a Mail Template.

  1. Open the template
  2. Choose where to insert the substitution string in the From address, Subject line or body.
  3. Select the substitution string from the Insert Code drop-down
  4. Press Insert Code to insert the wildcard at the selected spot

We would suggest inserting the wildcard in both the Plain Text and HTML message if adding substitution strings in the template's body.

The following sections cover the various substitution strings available for each template type and where they are inserted in the Mail Template: From address, Subject line or body (this refers to both the Plain Text and HTML Message).

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