Mail Template

Before the Notes Report is sent its mail template must be configured on the Dashboard.

Please note that in line with best practice we advise making a copy of the default Report templates before making any alterations.

  1. Go to Mail Templates
  2. Reports
  3. Client Reports
  4. Client Notes Report
  5. Enter the From address the Reports are to come from
  6. We suggest using the format Descriptive Name <Email Address> to ensure it is accepted by all email clients

  7. Configure the text and HTML content as required
  8. Use the Insert Code drop-down to select substitution strings. For an explanation of the mail wildcards please refer to the Mail Template Wildcards section

    Account Name The name associated with the account

    Client Name The name given to the Client on the Dashboard

    Report Content the content of the Report

  9. OK to save and apply



HTML Editors

There are two elements to the Mail Template, the PlainText Message - amended by changing the entered text - and the HTML Message, which itself contains two edit options. The visual HTML Message editor is used to change the styling of the template and where more advanced manipulation is required the HTML source may be edited directly by clicking the HTML button to display the HTML Source Editor. After applying the changes to the HTML source click Update to save changes and return to the Mail Template dialog. Finally click OK to save the template and exit.

SPF Records and Whitelisting

Changing the From address (for example to an email address from your domain) can potentially result in the classification of the email as coming from a spoofed domain. To avoid this issue we would suggest creating an SPF record in your domain DNS pointing to our mail generating servers. Further information on spoofed emails and SPF is available in the SPF Records section.

Even if not changing the From address, to avoid any potential delivery problems we would advise whitelisting the IP addresses of our email generating servers. This is covered in the Whitelist mail server IP Addresses section.

From Address Format

As we use a comma to separate multiple addresses within the system to avoid any potential problems where the descriptive name entered in the From address contains a comma, we suggest encapsulating this entry in inverted commas ( " " ), this includes wildcard.

For example "Descriptive, name" <> or "#ACCOUNT#" <>