App Management


By default the app opens at the Problems view. Press the corresponding button to navigate between the four views: Problems, Clients, LOGICcards and Settings

Press the relevant button to move between Servers, Workstations and Failing Checks in the Problem view and Servers and Workstations in the Clients view.

Press on a Client in the Clients section to view their devices. To return to the Client selection dialog press the Client name > header and back button (<) where available to return to the previous screen.



Problems (default view)

Lists devices at all Clients experiencing an issue (default section) as Servers, Workstations and all Failed Checks.

Failed Checks offers a single, consolidated list of all failing checks across all Clients.


Choose a specific Client to view their Devices


LOGICcards is a notification system which uses a unique combination of data-driven insight and prescriptive analytics based on collective intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time, actionable and targeted insights so you can quickly identify missing features, highlight security issues etc.

Sign in to LOGICcards through the app to view relevant customer insights on the move and on site.

The cards are automatically filtered and you can snooze, dismiss and assign cards directly from the app, with the ability to search across the content quickly to find specific information such as vital security alerts.

LOGICcards are not Client Group aware and display information for all Clients. To avoid exposure of Client information, where the user's role contains a Client Group (apart from All Clients), LOGICcards are hidden on their Dashboard.


Configure the additional sign-in authentication method, passcode or fingerprint (where available and supported from RMM app 1.1.0). View the App version, Terms of Use and Signed in as user. Access App settings and sign-out of the app.


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