View invoices and make payments

This section covers the Dashboard options available for users to view invoices and make payment.

After logging into your Remote Management Dashboard you can access copies of your previous invoices from the last twelve months as well as make manual and setup automatic payments all from the Reports menu, Pricing > View Invoices.


Once selected the View Invoices dialog opens with the following columns:




Invoice or Payment: for example BACS, PayPal, Card, Card processing etc


Invoice number relevant to your account


Either of invoice or payment


In relation to the above Date

Pay Invoice

Option to manually pay invoice

Access Invoices

To retrieve a copy, simply highlight the required invoice and from the Invoice Format drop-down select the required type HTML (opens a new window) or CSV (downloads the file).


Manual Payment

To manually pay open invoices by PayPal or Debit / Credit Card please tick the box that corresponds to the invoice(s) under the Pay Invoice column then click the now active Pay with PayPal button.

This will direct you to the PayPal homepage containing Your order summary with the option to Choose a way to pay, either login and Pay with my PayPal account or Pay with a debit or credit card.


Automatic Payment (MasterCard or VISA)

To set up automatic payments from a MasterCard or VISA card select the Auto Payment Setup in the View Invoices dialog.

Click Setup Automatic Invoice in the returned Payment dialog (also accessible from Settings, General Settings) and enter the password of the account you have logged on to the Dashboard under to confirm you wish to setup automatic payments.


Populate the Card Payment Details in the Automatic Invoice Payment dialog choose the Card Type from the drop-down (please note only MasterCard and VISA cards are currently supported), enter the Card Number and Cardholder's Name then select the cardÂ’s Expiry Date information from Month and Year.

Click Continue to verify the entered card details and proceed with the automatic payment setup for your account.

Any issues experienced when verifying the card details are highlighted in the Automatic Invoice Paymentdialog against the problem field. Simply hover over the relevant yellow warning icon for more information on the cause of the failure.

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Please note that Auto Payment cannot pick up payment for those invoices already outstanding, as such these will require a manual payment and auto pay will process for any current and future invoices.