Installation of the Linux Monitoring Agent via the Graphical User Interface with the Package Manager

Where logged on to the GUI it is possible to add a repository and install the Linux Monitoring Agent via the Package Manager.

To open the Package Manager go to Applications, Add/Remove Software then enter the root password to proceed.

Add the Repository

In the Package Manager dialog select Edit, Repositories and Add to bring up the Add New Repository dialog.

Complete the Name and Description the repository will appear under and provide its location:


For example:

Click on the Advanced button to enter the authentication GPG Key


For example


OK once complete and exit out of the dialogs,  the Package Manager will update the repository information.

Install the Linux Monitoring Agent

In Search look for the rmmagent, right-click on the returned result which matches the version and architecture of the Operating System and choose Select.

To being the Agent installation click Apply, verify the details in the Package Selection dialog and Continue to proceed.


After installation Register the Agent on the Dashboard.