Install EDR on Mulitple Devices (Device type, Client and Site)

Before you install EDR on a device, you need to:

For more information, see Endpoint Detection and Response overview.

  1. Select Integrations from the left hand navigator in RMM
  2. Click Endpoint Detection & Response to expand (and collapse) the available views
  3. Select Settings to view the EDR Settings dialog
  4. Expand the Device type (Server or Workstations) hierarchies to view the Clients and Sites - select the entity where EDR is to be enabled:
    • Device type level (Server or Workstations)
    • Client level
    • Site level
  5. Change Setting to On or Use parent (parent name)
  6. Select the Policy to be used from the drop-down menu if st to On
  7. Click Save to apply

RMM installs the EDR software and reboots the devices in the selected entity