Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Individual File Recovery for VMware and Hyper-V backups from within the Backup Manager

Backup Manager 16.6 (included from Agent 10.4.1) introduced the ability to restore individual files from VMware and Hyper-V host level backups.  Simply expand the contents of a protected Virtual Machine backup to display its directory structure, then select the individual items to restore.

Note:  This restore feature requires the installation of the latest Virtual Drive tool available from Backup & Recovery, Tools on your Remote Management Dashboard.

  1. Open the Backup Manager
  2. Navigate to the Restore tab
  3. Highlight the hypervisor and session time.
  4. Expand the selection tree
  5. Please be aware that it may take several minutes to retrieve this information and populate the selection tree.
  6. Select the files to restore in the Virtual disk content then Restore to location
  7. Click Restore
  8. Once complete a notification message is displayed.