How to get the Remote Support Viewer and Agent up and running

Remote Support Viewer

To get the Remote Support Viewer up and running after download simply login using your Dashboard username and password. Once logged on the list of computers requiring assistance will be displayed as well as the remote user and the status of the connection.

To access to the remote computer simply select the device in the Remote Support Viewer main screen and select connect.


Remote Support Agent

Unlike the Remote Support Viewer the RemoteSupport Agent does not require login details as each Agent contains the particular details for the account it was downloaded from, this is covered in the following section on Security and Communication.

To request assistance after downloading and extracting the Remote Support Agent, the user runs the Remote Support Agent executable and selects Connect initiating the session.


Once connected the Remote Support Viewer displays the remote desktop which you can then interact with and either party can disconnect from the session by closing their respective Remote Support Agent or Viewer.

To re-establish the connection the remote user must run the Remote Support Agent selecting Connect to allow for its discovery by the Remote Support Viewer.

Both the Remote Support Agent and Viewer are one click solutions that do not install on the device and to initiate the session simply run the executable file to connect.