Filter by Client, Site or Problem

The Monitoring and Management section contains the same Client and Site scope selection tree as before, with additional options available to allow you to choose which problems cause clients and sites to be highlighted red and shown at the top of the tree.

  1. Go to View > Sort Clients
  2. Choose the sort order, Server Problems and / or Workstation Problems


All problem filters are now accessible from the drop-down above the north panel. In addition to Filtering by Problem for All Clients (as per Dashboard 5.36) these filters can now be applied at the Client and Site level by selecting the Client or Site and then making the filter selection.

The filters available from the Servers, Workstations and Mobile Devices drop-downs are:



Mobile Devices

All Servers (n)

All Workstations (n)

All Mobile Devices (n)

Problem Servers (n)

Problem Workstations (n)

Active Devices (n)

24x7 Problems (n)

24x7 Problems (n)

Unregistered Devices (n)

Daily Safety Check Problems (n)

Daily Safety Check Problems (n)

Overdue Servers (n)

Offline Workstations (n)

Offline Servers (n)

n indicates the number of devices meeting the filter criteria.

The filter selected on each tab is remembered and will automatically be selected next time you login to the Dashboard.

A message is displayed in the north panel where no devices are found for the selected filter with the option to view all  devices of that type. For example No offline servers found. View all servers, No problem workstations found. View all workstations, No unregistered mobile devices found. View all mobile devices...

Problem Servers includes those servers currently reported as overdue, offline servers are excluded. Similarly Problem Workstations does not include offline workstations.

Remove the filter selection via the clear filter button. clip1350

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