Filter by Client, Site or Problem

Show Failed Client or Site based on Device Type

To help manage the Dashboard, you can choose which type of device triggers a Client or Site failure (red) in the Monitoring and Management hierarchical tree. For example, you may not want a Client and Site where only workstation Checks are failing to show as failed in the tree. By default we show Client and Site failures for both server and workstation problems

  1. Go to View > Sort Clients
  2. Choose Server Problems and / or Workstation Problems
  3. The menu dynamically updates to show the effects of your selection.


Dashboard Filters

The drop-down above the north pane allows you to select the filters to apply to the Dashboard. These filters can be applied at the Client and Site level by selecting the Client or Site then making the filter selection. The filter selected on each tab is remembered and will automatically be selected next time you login to the Dashboard. To remove the filter, click the clear button. clip1350

You can use our defaults or create your own custom filters through the Filter Manager

The north pane displays a message where no devices are found that match the selected filter. This message contains the option to view all  devices of that type. For example, "No offline servers found. View all servers"...

Problem Servers includes those servers currently reported as overdue, offline servers are excluded. Similarly Problem Workstations does not include offline workstations.

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