Extended Memory Testing

Script Type: Bash

A faulty RAM chip on a computer can cause all manner of odd issues, including problems booting the computer, software crashes, system freezes (spinning pinwheels) and spontaneous reboots.

For Mac models released prior to early 2016 and the MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017), the user may also notice a repeating three successive tones then a five second pause when the RAM fails the startup data integrity test.

Extended memory testing stress tests the RAM for errors by writing patterns of ones and zeroes to unused parts of RAM. It reads the patterns back, then verifies that what was read matches what was written.

Where a pattern mismatch is detected, this is an indicator of bad or faulty RAM and the Task fails.

As the extended memory test can take a long time to complete and tests the unused parts of the RAM, we would suggest running this Task when the computer is not in use.

The Task output contains information on the RAM and the results of each test.



Only run script if user is logged out

The user receive aa notification if they are logged in when the task tries to run, prompting them to logout.

Hide macOS notification when script is run This option allows you to run the task without notifying the user.