Enable Customer Portal Access

MSP Manager Customer Portal access is setup for each Client at the Site Level.

  1. Go to Customers
  2. Select the target Customer from the list
  3. Navigate to Contacts
  4. Expand the location
      • Where the contact exists, select Edit (pencil icon) under the Actions column
      • Where a contact does not exist choose Add a new contact
  5. Complete the required information if required. Enable portal access using the check box at the foot of the Contact edit window, select from:
      • Portal user: only view their own tickets
      • Portal admin: view all tickets associated with the location (Site)
  6. Save to apply

Once complete, the entered contact receives an email containing their username, initial password and Customer Portal link (as configured in Portal URL Prefix).

Each contact can only be associated with one location (site). These Contacts are only used in MSP Manager and do not transfer to the Monitoring Dashboard.