EDR on the RMM Dashboard


The North-pane of the RMM dashboard now contains an icon and column indicating the Endpoint and Detection (EDR) status:

Status Indicator


Pending or Deactivating

Installation or Deactivation Failed

Not Installed


Not Compatible

The EDR column can be added and removed from view by selecting and deselecting it in the Columns drop-down menu. It can also be dragged and dropped to you desired location along the column headers row.


Summary tab

On the South-pane Summary tab of a selected device, you can see the status of EDR

Checks tab

Script Check - Endpoint Detection & Response

On the South-pane Checks tab of a selected device with EDR installed, a 24x7 Script check is added to monitor the EDR processes to ensure they are running as expected. This check in non-editable and can only be removed by uninstalling EDR from the device.

The More informationdialog contains the Check Info, any Outage History and any Notes added by an RMM user.