How to Find Device Identifier Information

Device Control rules are based on the device identifiers as reported by the hardware, not definitions that the Operating System uses for hardware.

Getting Device Details

You can use Windows Device Manager or macOS System ReportHardware to get the device identifier information for a device that connected to an endpoint. You can also use external tools that read the parameters of devices.


To find device identifier information for an inserted USB device:

  1. From the Control Panel, open Device Manager
  2. Select a device from the tree
  3. To find a composite device:
    1. From the menu, select View > Devices by Connection
    2. Locate the USB Composite Device
    3. Select the root of the device - the different classes of the composite device show below the root. In this example, the root of the composite device is circled.
  4. In the Details tab, open the Property list and select a property to find the details:
    • Class - Select Matching device id
    • The Value shows Class_XY, where XY is the class code that Device Control uses. For example, for the device shown below, the class is 08, which corresponds to the class Mass Storage in Device Control rules

    • Product ID and Vendor ID - Select Device instance path.
      • The Value shows VID_WXYZ&PID_ABCD, where:
        • VID is the Vendor ID, 0781 in the example below
        • PID is the Product ID, 5567 in the example below
    • Serial ID - Only mass storage devices have a Serial ID. Select Device instance path
      • At the end of the value, after the last "\" (backslash) is a long string that is the serial ID, 4C5300001300615113204 in the example below.