File Type

You can exclude files of a given type from automatic mitigation. This exclusion type is supported for Windows Agents.

To exclude a file type:

  1. Edit the Policy where a File Type exclusion is to be added
  2. Navigate to the Exclusions tab
  3. Click New Exclusion to open the New Exclusion dialog
  4. Select File Type from the Exclusion Type drop-down menu
  5. Select the applicable operating system in the OS drop-down menu
  6. In the File Type field, enter the file type extension
  7. Wildcards are allowed. For example, use PPT for PowerPoint files. PP* will exclude PPT, PPTX, PPTM, PPSX, PPSM, PPS, PPAM, PPA files

  8. In the Description field, explain the reason for the exclusion
  9. For example, if you exclude PPTX files from mitigation only for the endpoints in the Training department, a suitable description could be:  "Training Dept PPTX files".

  10. Click Save