Threats that come from a browser show as Exploit attempts in the Management Console. If an end-user browses to a site that hosts web exploits, which can introduce malware into your environment, the Agent detects a web exploit. It mitigates the browser session based on the policy and shows the threat in the system tray and Management Console.

In rare cases, to gain use of the browser, you can exclude the browser from active scanning.

This is supported for Windows Agents.

Caution - this can leave your system vulnerable to web exploits

To exclude a browser:

  1. Open the EDR Policy where a Browser exclusion is to be added
  2. Navigate to the Exclusions tab
  3. Click New Exclusion to open the New Exclusion dialog
  4. Select Browser from the Exclusion Type drop-down menu
  5. Select the applicable operating system from the OS drop-down menu
  6. In the Browser drop-down menu, select the browser to be excluded
  7. In Description, explain the reason for the exclusion
  8. Click Save