Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Edit a Script Check - Single Device

Script Checks may be edited on a single device or on multiple computers.

  1. Select the device in the north pane of the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Checks tab
  3. Select the target Script Check
  4. From the Check drop-down
  5. Edit Check (also available from the Check's right-click menu)
  6. Choose the script, enter the Command Line parameters, set a Script timeout
  7. To run an Automated Task when the Check fails choose Assign a Task after editing the Check (Windows and Mac)
  8. OK to save and apply
  9. Where Assign a Task after editing the Check is selected (Windows and Mac)
    1. Select the script
    2. Click Next
    3. Enter or configure the script parameters (if required)
    4. Set a Script timeout in the range 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)
  10. Finish to save and apply

dash_edit_delete edit_script_check