Download and install Take Control viewer

Take Control connections require two elements, a host module (deployed to the Windows or Mac computer via the Monitoring Agent after enabling Take Control for the device) and a Take Control viewer running on the device providing assistance.

Two versions of the Take Control viewer are available and their usage depends on the version of Take Control deployed to the remote device; TeamViewer or SolarWinds.

When providing support to a mixed environment of TeamViewer and SolarWinds Take Control installations it is necessary to have both Take Control viewer versions installed on any devices providing assistance.

Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer

The Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer is available for Windows (from Server 2003), Mac (from OS X 10.9) and Linux (Debian, Red Hat or SUSE) computers.

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to Remote Access > Download Take Control Viewer - SolarWinds to download a version of the Take Control viewer that corresponds to the Operating System of the computer used to access the Dashboard.
  3. Once downloaded run the installer for Windows and Mac computers or follow the commands listed here for Linux

We suggest disabling any browser pop-up blockers to ensure the Launch Application dialog displays as expected. We also advise choosing the option to Remember my choice for takectrsxvp links (or equivalent) to setup the Take Control (SolarWinds) viewer and takectrsxvp file association (where available and supported in the browser).

Install Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer to a different location in Windows

By default the Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer installs to the APPDATA folder and we are aware that in some circumstances you may wish to install it to a different location.

  1. Download the Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer to the device providing assistance.
  2. Open a command prompt on the device and navigate to the location of the downloaded file.
  3. Run the following command to install the Take Control (SolarWinds) Viewer in the target folder:

"TakeControlViewerInstall.exe /D=Drive:\Folder"

For example:

"TakeControlViewerInstall.exe /D=C:\TCViewer"

Take Control (TeamViewer) Viewer

The Take Control (TeamViewer) Viewer is only available for Windows computers (from Windows XP).

The viewer required for connection to Windows and Mac computers running Take Control (TeamViewer) is available for download from the Dashboard. Go to the Remote Access menu and select Download Take Control Viewer

This initiates the transfer of a compressed file containing the viewer executable, once downloaded unpack the file then run the executable following the prompts in the installation wizard.


There are no limits on the number of desktops or laptops on which this can be installed and each viewer can run three concurrent remote access sessions.

Where the Agent is updated to a release which incorporates a new version of Take Control please update the Take Control viewer on the local machine, from the Dashboard. For example, for Take Control (TeamViewer) Remote Access > Download Take Control Viewer. The updated viewer can also connect to devices running older versions of the Take Control.

Host and Viewer Coexistence

Take Control (SolarWinds)

The Take Control (SolarWinds) host and viewer can co-exist on the same device, and may also be installed on a device running TeamViewer.

Take Control (TeamViewer)

The Take Control (TeamViewer) host cannot co-exist on a device running the Take Control (TeamViewer) viewer.

Take Control (TeamViewer) and TeamViewer

As Take Control (TeamViewer) and TeamViewer are based on similar technology they cannot co-exist on the same device, where a TeamViewer host is detected during the installation of Take Control (TeamViewer) there is the option to Replace Existing TeamViewer Installation with Take Control in the device's Summary tab.

This limitation does not existing in the SolarWinds version of Take Control, where both the Take Control (SolarWinds) viewer and host as well as TeamViewer host or viewer can coexist on the same device.