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Documents – Installation

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hmtoggle_plus1Manually Update the Agent
1.Select the device in the north pane of the Dashboard
2.Go to its Summary tab to check the Agent version
3.If a version earlier than required is installed:
a)Right-click on the workstation or laptop in the north pane of the Dashboard (or from the Workstation drop-down)
b)Edit Workstation
d)Choose the version of the Agent to update to from the Update Agent drop-down
e)OK to apply and initiate the update process
4.Refresh the Dashboard and check the device’s Summary tab to verify it has updated to the selected Agent version


For information on additional Agent installation and update please go to Update the Agent


Enable Backup & Recovery

Individual Device

1.Right-click on the workstation or laptop in the north pane of the Dashboard (or from the Workstation or Device drop-down)
2.Edit Workstation
3.Backup & Recovery
4.Change Setting: to On
5.Select Turn on Documents

Windows: if the customer requires the full Backup & Recovery feature set: Turn on Professional

To apply the policy currently in place for the Client, Site or All Workstations: Use Policy Settings

6.OK to save and apply


Multiple Devices

1.Go to Settings
2.Backup & Recovery
a)For all workstations change Setting: to On
b)Select Documents
5.Expand Workstations to select Clients and Sites
a)For the target Clients and Sites
b)Change Setting: to On (or Use Parent where Documents is enabled for the parent entity)
c)Select Documents
6.Configure as required (links to the Settings Options are listed below)
7.OK to save and apply



By default, devices inherit policy from site, which will in turn inherit from client, which will in turn inherit policies set for all servers and workstations.


macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and later

Apple introduced a new privacy setting in MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) to control third-party access to protected private data. To allow Backup & Recovery Documents to interact with and backup this data, once deployed you must add Full Disk Access permissions to the Backup Manager.



These Global Policy setting are not applied to workstations already running Backup & Recovery in Professional mode.

To switch from Professional to Documents, you must uninstall Backup & Recovery from each device then reinstall in Documents mode.

This is covered in the section Switching between Documents and Professional.


Backup & Recovery Documents is queued for any devices running an earlier version of the Agent and deploys once the Agent is updated to a Documents supported version. During this period Backup & Recovery will appear as Pending on the Dashboard.


hmtoggle_plus1Backup & Recovery Documents frequency and automatically added Checks

An initial backup runs after the installation, then twice per day after that when the device is online:


Overnight: between 9pm and 6am

During lunch: between 12pm and 2pm


Two Checks which monitor the product are added to the device as part of the Backup & Recovery installation process.


Windows Service Check - Backup Service Controller (24x7) monitors the Backup Service Controller service

Backup Check - Backup & Recovery (Daily Safety Check) reports on the backup session state



OSX Daemon Check - com.cloudbackup.BackupFP (24x7) monitors the internal process associated with Backup Manager

Backup Check - Backup & Recovery (Daily Safety Check) reports on the backup sessions state



Checks automatically added by a feature are excluded for deletion from the Dashboard, they are only removed when you uninstall the feature



In addition to the automatically added  Checks, you can also add a Daily Safety Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check (available for both Windows and Mac) to monitor the backup size of the selected plugins (data sources) based on completed sessions.


Individual Device Level

Multiple Device Level





hmtoggle_plus1Move a Workstation between Sites

The following outlines the behaviour when moving a workstation from site A to site B.


Backup & Recovery enabled at the Device level

Workstation is independently managed (it’s setting is On instead of Use Parent).

Moving the workstation from Site A to Site B does not change the current Backup & Recovery settings regardless of the install mode (Documents or Professional).


Backup & Recovery enabled at the Global Policy level

Workstation is policy managed (it’s setting is Use Parent instead of On).

When moving the workstation from Site A to Site B, the workstation inherits the policy settings for Site B.


Workstation Policy


Site A

Site B



Workstation goes from Documents to Professional (no uninstall)



Workstations uninstalls Backup & Recovery Professional, installs Backup & Recovery Documents