Disable HTTPS Communication: Pre-registration

Before registering the Agent on the Dashboard the option to force HTTP can be configured in pak.xml.

Navigate to the Agent install directory /usr/local/rmmagent then open pak.xml in an editor.

The following examples use the default vi text editor. Information on vi (visual editor) is available in the SS64 quick reference guide

# cd /usr/local/rmmagent
# vi pak.xml

After the list of server URLs enter <secure>0</secure> to disable HTTP during the registration process and save changes once complete.



















Save the changes to pak.xml - in vi press Esc to access the command interface then :wq to write the changes and quit. To view the file to ensure the changes were applied enter:

# cat pak.xm

Amending the pak.xml file only affects the Agent pre-registration, once the Agent is reported on the Dashboard and any changes to this file are not applied.

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