Disable HTTPS Communication: Post-registration

The HTTPS communication settings can be changed after the Agent is registered on the Dashboard and this can be achieved by editing the agentconfig.xml file found in the Agent installation directory.

Navigate to the rmmagent folder /usr/local/rmmagent and open agentconfig.xml in an editor.

The following examples use the default vi text editor. Information on vi (visual editor) is available in the SS64 quick reference guide

# cd /usr/local/rmmagent
# vi pak.xml

To disable HTTPS, change the secure setting <secure>1</secure> from enabled (1) to disabled (0) and save changes once complete.













Save the changes to agentconfig.xml - in vi press Esc to access the command interface then :wq to write the changes and quit. To view the file to ensure the changes were applied enter:

# cat pak.xm

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