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Device Search

To quickly find a specific server or workstation or bring up a list of related devices search for devices across Client, Site, Device, Description, Username and Operating System using the current filter options. The search function can prove particularly useful not only for identifying devices that match the entered criteria, but also only display those devices where a multi-select bulk action is to be performed.

Select the Servers, Workstations or Mixed tab and enter the query in the Search box above the north panel of the Dashboard. The north panel dynamically updates to display only those devices matching the search term, with any corresponding entries highlighted. In addition to this the device status drop-down (for example All Servers or All Workstations) displays the number of devices found using this criteria. To clear the search box click the clear filter button unfilter


Search Notes

The Search function queries the Client, Site, device name, Description, Username (Workstation only) and Operating System columns where they are displayed in the north panel. These columns may be added, or removed, from the north panel via the Columns drop-down.

Each page of the north panel contains up to fifty devices and when running a search all devices are include, not just those on the current page, with the information displayed in the north panel restricted to the current view and filter options. For example where a specific Site is selected with the option to view Problem Servers only problem Servers under that Site which match the search criteria are displayed. However if the filter was expanded, for example to All Servers and / or All Clients, any Servers registered against the Dashboard are returned.

Searching is case-insensitive and automatically uses wildcards at the front and end of the term, for example a search for pro will act like %pro% and match Windows 10 Professional, Windows Pro, WINPROXL5 or Marketing professionals workstation.

It is not currently possible to use Boolean search operators such as AND, OR, NOT or quotes in the search

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