Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Deploy the Agent via Group Policy

The Agent may be deployed either from the Group Policy Management Console or Active Directory Users and Computers depending upon the method previously used. Although the software may be deployed per user we recommend installing the software per computer.

  1. Highlight and right-click the newly created Group Policy Object, i.e. AgentMSI
  2. Edit to open the Group Policy Editor
  3. To apply to a computer, navigate to Computer Configuration (recommended)
  4. To apply to a user, navigate to User Configuration
  5. Expand Policies (SBS2008)
  6. Software Settings
  7. Right-click Software Installation
  8. New
  9. Package
  10. *Enter the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the Agent MSI file and package, for example \\SERVER\ NetworkInstaller\agent.msi
  11. Select the deployment method: Assigned
  12. OK and exit out of the Group Policy Editor

*Important: Please enter the full Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the shared folder do not browse to the location as this may prevent the application of the Group Policy.