Delete Checks

Where Checks are no longer required on a device they can be easily removed via the Dashboard.

  1. Select the device in the north pane of the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Checks tab
  3. Select the target Check
  4. From the Check drop-down
  5. Delete Check (also available from the Check's right-click menu)
  6. Enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm removal
  7. Where an incorrect Check is selected click Cancel to exit the deletion process.
  8. OK to delete

Regardless of the method used to delete the Check, once the deletion is confirmed the Check is immediately removed from the Dashboard with the deletion communicated to the Agent the next time it reports in and the Check erased from its configuration file.

Where a Check is installed by and associated with a feature - for example Backup & Recovery's Backup Check - Backup & Recovery and Windows Service Check - Backup Service Controller - it is protected from deletion.

checks_drop_generic delete_indi_confirm