Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Debug Policy

The Automation Manager's Debug option is similar to the Run command. But, where Run executes the script in real time, Debug executes the script one object at a time. This slower pace allows for script review and troubleshooting.

To debug a policy...

  1. Launch Automation Manager
  2. Open the policy
    • Click Open Policy File in the north pane (available when Automation Manager launches), or
    • Go to File > Open, or
    • Click the Open button in the toolbar
  3. Navigate and select the target policy to open it in the north Policy Builder pane.
  4. Go to Debug > Go (or press F5)
  5. The Debug results appear in the Automation Manager's Output south pane for review

Stop debugging at any time:

  • Go to Debug > Stop, or
  • Click the stop icon in the toolbar, or
  • Press Shift+F5

To resume debugging:

  • Go to Debug > Continue, or
  • Press F5


Breakpoints pause the policy at specific points. This allows you to review the policy's current output before proceeding.

To set an object as a breakpoint...

  1. Select the object to act as a breakpoint
    • Highlight the object and press F9, or
    • Right-click on the object and Toggle Breakpoint, or
    • Select the object, go Debug and Toggle Breakpoint
  2. Breakpoint objects are indicated with the breakpoint icon script_build_breakpoint_icon
  3. Repeat for each breakpoint object

Breakpoints require confirmation before debugging can continue.


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