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Data Breach Scan - File Removal Script

Unprotected data may be discovered as part of the Data Breach Scan and its location displayed in the Unprotected Data Details section of the Data Breach Risk Report. As the information contained in these files may be confidential or sensitive, when viewing the report in the Risk Intelligence portal we have included the option to create and run a File Removal Script to delete the target files from the system.

Login to the Risk Intelligence portal and open the device's Data Breach Risk Report.

Navigate to the Unprotected Data Details section and Expand.

This lists all files containing unprotected data along with their location and you can either expand all rows to view all of the information they contain or click the expand (>) against an individual entry.

We would suggest taking this step to check the discovered information as this will assist in making a considered decision on whether to remove the file.

Once you have decided on the files to add to the removal script click Create File Removal Script

Choose Select All to remove all of the files identified as containing unprotected data or tick the checkboxes against the target files. Where a file was highlighted in error either untick its checkbox or choose Clear All to reset or Cancel to exit out of the dialog.

After the selection is complete, click Download File.

Please be aware that generating this removal script does not automatically remove any of the selected files from the the device. To remove the files the downloaded script must be run on the computer the specific Data Breach Risk Report was generated for.

Important: The script completely removes the selected files from the device, it does not simply move them to the Recycle Bin (or equivalent). As such we would urge caution when using this options and verify the files to remove, before proceeding with the script creation.


File Removal Script Usage

When clicking Download File a text file containing the file paths is generated.

We use a text extension to avoid any potential problems with internet monitoring software when attempting to download a script from a website.

Before using the script it must first be renamed to remove this .txt extension.

Please note that for Windows it may be necessary to disable the Hide extensions for known file types folder option to view the extensions.

Operating System

Download name

Change to




After the file is renamed it can then be run on the device the unprotected data was discovered on:

Operating System

Action to initiate file removal


Double click the .bat file.

Once the script has complete, rerun the Data Breach Scan to confirm the selected files are no longer identified.