Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Leave Dashboard Note when Clearing Check

When clearing Checks, you can prompt the user to enter a Dashboard Note with information your customer or team may find useful, for example a technical note with the steps you took to resolve the problem or a customer note to make them aware a required part is on order.

There are two types of note available:

Technical Notes: intended to provide status information to other members of the technical team, such as investigative steps carried out, cause of failure and solutions put in place. These Notes can be viewed in the Dashboard via the notepad icon or the Notes Report available from the Reports menu.

Client Facing Notes: intended to provide information that can be displayed on the ClientÂ’s Dashboard as well as sent via the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Notes Report to let your clients know just how hard you are working to resolve their problems.

Configure the Dashboard Notes prompt when Clearing Checks

  1. Log into the Dashboard using an account with Notes permissions enabled
  2. Go to Settings
  3. General Settings
  4. Notes
  5. Enable Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks
  6. Enter the number of days in Length of time to display notes (in days, max 999) (optional)
  7. OK to save and apply


Please refer to Dashboard Notes and Reports for further information on the Notes feature.