Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Dashboard Monitoring

The Monitoring Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the system. Breaking down device performance and information into easily digestible sections. From here you can quickly establish the overall status of the system.

To view the system overview Dashboard:

  1. Login to the web console
  2. Click the Dashboard icon in the left quick-launch menu

Use the open >> and close << buttons to show and hide the menu descriptions

The Monitoring Dashboard is Client Group aware. It only displays those Clients, Sites and Devices assigned to the user.

Dashboard: Monitoring Layout

The Monitoring Dashboard breaks performance and information indicators into separate widgets.

View the overall device totals for all monitored devices, both servers and workstations. Then dive into more focused information. Device type statuses, spread of Operating Systems, Agent versions etc.

Hover over a bar chart row to display it’s total.

Monitoring and Management Console

Where an issue or returned information requires further analysis. Click on an indicator in the widget, including the chart, to open the Monitoring and Management Console filtered on that selection.

For example, click on the Daily Safety Check Problems value. As this applies to both servers and workstations. The Monitoring and Management Panel opens at the Mixed tab with the Daily Safety Check Problems filter applied.

Please be aware that not all widgets display correctly in Internet Explorer.

Expand to full screen

The graphical nature of the Dashboards lends itself to display on a large screen and we have included the option to view it in full screen width. This can prove useful as a Wall Chart or when demoing the product.

  1. Click the three settings button in the top right of the north pane
  2. Choose Open fullscreen
  3. Click Exit fullscreen to return to the standard view

Set Graphical Dashboard as the default view

This setting opens the graphical Dashboard whenever you login in. This setting applies at the individual user level.

Where Set as default view is enabled the graphical Dashboard becomes the first item in the left panel, where disabled (or not configured) the graphical Dashboard becomes the second item in the left panel.

  1. Click the three settings button in the top right of the north pane
  2. Click Set as default view, this action is confirmed with a tick icon and green button background
  3. To return to the default behavior, click Set as default view. This action is confirmed with a gray button background

Add Device

Create a Windows or Mac Agent one-click installer directly from the graphical Dashboard.

  1. Click Add Device
  2. Select your Client and Site combination (with the option create new ones via Add Client or Add Site)
  3. Choose the target Device OS type, Windows or Mac
  4. Click Next to proceed and download the installer (use Retry download if the file does not automatically download)

Once downloaded, you can use the same installer to manually deploy the Agent on as many computers as required at the Client and Site associated with the package.

  1. Copy the downloaded file to the target computer
  2. Uncompress the file
  3. Run the Agent installer

After installation, the device automatically appears on the main Dashboard under the Client and Site entered in the Add Device dialog.

Only those users with Agents permissions enabled in Roles and Permissions can access the Add Device wizard.


Widget information is available in Dashboard Monitoring: Widgets