Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Daily Safety Check

The Backup Check - Backup & Recovery Daily Saftey Check is added to the device as part of the Backup & Recovery deployment. The check's schedule and number of jobs to check for are automatically configured based on the policy settings for that device.

The Backup Check passes where all jobs scheduled to run during the monitoring period complete successfully, and fails in the monitoring period complete successfully and will fail where any errors are detected or the Number of backup jobs to check for is less than the threshold figure.

To avoid failing the Check where the backup completed, but a non-successful condition is encountered, enable Show 'completed with exceptions' as successful (includes canceled jobs). An example of this condition can occur where files were open during the backup run (and could not be backed up) or the job was canceled.

Once the Backup Check runs its results are reported back to the Dashboard. The check's More Information column provides a summary of the result from the last time the Check ran. Clicking on this results link opens the More Information dialog containing details for each job including End Time, Plugin (data source), Status, Processed Count and Sent Size.

The results of the Daily Saftey Checks are also included in the client-facing Dashboard reports - Client Daily Report, Client Weekly Report and Client Monthly Report


Edit Backup Check - Backup & Recovery

To amend the Check settings:

  1. Highlight the device in the north panel
  2. Go to the Checks tab
  3. Select the Backup Check - Backup & Recovery
  4. From the Check drop-down click Edit Check


Data Source Changes and Number of backup jobs to check for

As the backup Date Source (plugin) configured for the device may change, with Data Sources either added or removed, we would suggest changing the Number of backup jobs to check for to take account of the Data Sources configured on the device and avoid false positive or negative Check results.

For example, change the figure from 1 to 3 where the current backup is for Files and Folders then System State and Network Share are added.

Data Source changes and how they can affect the Number of jobs to check for and Check schedule are covered in more detail in the Monitor Additional Jobs section.

Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check

In addition to the automatic Backup & Recovery and Backup Service Controller Checks, you can also add the daily Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check, introduced from Agent 8.16, which monitors the backup size of the selected plugins (data sources) based on completed sessions.