ConnectWise to ConnectWise Manage Migration

ConnectWise Manage replaces the previous ConnectWise and ConnectWise MSP integrations, whilst retaining their full functionality.

Rather than uninstall your current ConnectWise integration, we have included a migration tool so you can quickly and easily migrate to ConnectWise Manage whilst retaining your current configuration.

Before migrating your integration, we would suggest that you create the required API Member user and API Key in ConnectWise.

To migrate your integration:

  1. Login to the Monitoring Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. PSA Integration
  4. Migrate Integration
  5. Enter your ConnectWise details
  6. Field


    Public Key:

    The API Key details from the ConnectWise API Member account you wish to use to setup the integration.

    Details on setting these up is available in the section: Create an API Member and API Key in ConnectWise

    Private Key:


    ConnectWise URL

    If unsure of your ConnectWise URL (Site) and CompanyID they are both displayed when logging into ConnectWise.

    Company Name:

    ConnectWise CompanyID

  7. Choose Use Auto Migrated Settings or the Migration Wizard
  8. Option


    Use Auto Migrated Settings

    Applies your current integration settings.

    Where a configuration issue is detected with these settings, you are returned to the Migration Options page.

    This contains information on the issue and directs you to the Migration Wizard to amend the settings.

    When in the Migrations Wizard, those settings that require attention are highlighted.

    Migration Wizard

    Copies over your current integration settings and walks through each section allowing you to update them if required

  9. A test ticket is created in ConnectWise
  10. If the ticket was successfully created, a summary of your settings is displayed with the option to Finish and complete the migration


Migrate Integration Selection


Enter ConnectWise Details




Choose Migration Options


Create Test Ticket


Use Auto Migrated Settings - Settings Problem Detected


Migration Wizard with Use Auto Migrated Settings problems highlighted