Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Ticket opened status and Ticket closed status

As part of the ConnectWise integration, the Dashboard retrieves the default ticket statuses for the selected ConnectWise Service Board. If these statuses do not appear in the drop-downs they may be missing, or their External Integration Cross Reference was not set.

  1. Log into ConnectWise
  2. Go to System > Setup Tables
  3. Enter Service Board in the Table search
  4. Click on the returned Service Board entry
  5. Choose the target Board Name
  6. Select the Statuses tab to display the currently setup states
  7. Click to open each status and set its External Integration Cross Reference
  8. Where the status is missing:

  9. Click the plus (+) New Item button to add then configure each status (including its External Integration Cross Reference)
  10. Save or Save and Close to apply these settings

If you have already selected this board in the Dashboard integration, you can synchronize these changes by selecting a different Service Board then re-select the updated board.

Further information on setting up Service Boards is available in the ConnectWise documentation.