Dashboard Changes and ConnectWise Manage Result

Once the Dashboard assets are mapped to their ConnectWise counterparts, the below Dashboard actions result in the following changes in ConnectWise.

Dashboard Action ConnectWise Result
Add Client Company Added
Edit Client Company Updated
Delete Client Company marked as inactive
Add Site Site added under the Company's Site tab
Edit Site Site updated in the Company's Site tab
Delete Site Site removed from the Company's Site tab
Add Device Asset added under the Company's Configurations tab
Edit Device Asset updated in the Company's Configurations tab
Move Device to new Site in same Client Asset moved to new site in the Company's Configurations tab
Delete Device Asset removed from the Company's Configurations tab
Move Site to new Client Site moved to the new Company's Site tab
Move Device to new Client/Site No action taken

Where a Device mapped to a ConnectWise Customer, it is excluded from any Client or Site changes in the Dashboard. The device can only be associated with a different Customer by moving the device in ConnectWise.