Customize Currency and Security Liability Amount

Two account level reporting options are available under Account Settings section of the policy dialog when adding or editing a policy.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Risk Intelligence
  3. Policy
    1. New to add a Policy
    2. Or select then Edit an existing Policy
  4. Configure the Account Settings under General
    1. Currency Symbol

      Choose the Currency Symbol used for any monetary figure, with $, £, €, Kr and R supported.

      Security Liability Amount

      Set the Security Liability Amount, this is the value assigned to each security breach. For example, the potential amount associated with each discovered record of sensitive data.

  5. Save to apply

Once saved, these settings are applied to your Risk Intelligence account.

Although these Account Settings values are configured in Windows policies, they apply account-wide to both Windows and Mac computers. They are not specific to the policy they were configured in.