Create a Critical Event Check Exclusion List

We realize that sometimes the same non-critical Error Event is recorded on a daily basis, distracting you not only from the Dashboard but also wasting your valuable time looking into the problem.

It is for this reason that we have added the Critical Event Exclusion List to the Dashboard which allows you to exclude non-critical Error Events.

The Critical Event Exclusion List can be applied globally for all Clients or at the device level on specific machines with the option to exclude the Event for a time limited period

There are two levels Events can be excluded at, globally across the Client base or on individual devices.

Global Exclusion

The Error Event can be excluded globally on every monitored server and workstation across the whole Client base.

  1. Settings > Critical Event Settings > Exclusion List
  2. Tick the All servers and Workstations radio
  3. OK to save changes


Exclude by Device

Where the Error Event exclusion is only to apply to a specific device this may be selected from the Filter by device drop-down where it is not for the current device:

  1. Settings > Critical Event Settings > Exclusion List
  2. Filter by device
  3. Select the Client, Site and Server or Workstation from the drop-down
  4. OK to save changes

Device level exclusion may also be applied via the Critical Events Tab under the Edit menu, Edit Device. Edit Device can also be accessed by double or right-clicking on the device in the north pane, or Server or Workstation drop-down.

Settings, Critical Event Settings, Exclusion List


Edit Device, Edit Device