Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Create the Site Installation Package via the Dashboard

The Group Policy Site Installation Package is available from the Dashboard Agent menu when logged in as a user with Site Installation Package permissions enabled for their login.

  1. Go to Agent > Download Agent > Download Site Installation Package
  2. Dashboard 6.35 removed the Agent Key password requirement when creating a package

  3. Choose the Client, Site for the package and Agent version
  4. The dialog is Client Group aware and only lists those Clients assigned to the logged in user

  5. Configure the Address, Port, Username and Password where the Network uses Proxy Server (optional)
  6. Download the Group Policy version of the package (Agent_*

Site Installation Package Download

To aid identification, each package filename includes the Client, Site and installer type (GP Group Policy or RW Remote Worker).


When deploying the Agent via the Group Policy Site Installation Package the download contains:

agent.msi: used for the installation and removal of the Agent contains all the elements required for the MSI install, including the settings.ini file - which references the Client and Site the Agent is to be registered against - as well as executable, configuration and language files etc.

Where a Monitoring Template is selected for the device, it is not included in the package but downloaded directly from the Dashboard as part of the installation process. This ensures the latest version of the template is always applied.

User Credentials

To avoid authentication problems if the credentials (username or password) used to create the Site Installation Package change, we suggest generating a new package based on the update credentials then use this for subsequent Agent deployments.

Network Installer (deprecated)
In addition to the Dashboard Site Installation Package, pre-Agent v10.5.16 RC there is also the option to create a Network Installer from the Agent.

Agent: Download Site Installation Package and View Package Information

agent_download site_install_splash

Select Client, Site and Agent Version and Download Packages

site_install_clientetc site_install_download