Create Asset Tracking Only Monitoring Templates for existing devices

The system Asset Tracking Only template is only available when deploying the Agent. Where the Agent is already installed on a Device and you want to change it to Asset Tracking Only, you must first create a Monitoring Template without Checks or Automated Tasks set to a frequency of 30 minutes or slower for servers and 60 minutes or slower for workstations.

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Monitoring Templates > Manage Templates
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Add Server Monitoring Template or Add Workstation Monitoring Template
    1. Enter an identifier Template Name (for example, Asset Tracking Only Server)
    2. Ensure Active is ticked
    3. Click OK to save
    4. If Checks or Automated Tasks are added or the 24x7 Check frequency set to faster than 30 minutes for servers or 60 minutes for workstations, any devices using this template will not be considered as Asset Tracking Only.

  5. Click Close to exit and save
Asset Tracking Only: Requirements Summary

For a device to be classed as Asset Tracking Only, the following conditions must be true:

  • 24x7 Frequency: 30 minutes or slower for servers, 60 minutes or slower for workstations
  • Check and Automated Tasks: No monitoring Checks or Automated Tasks (unless associated with a feature)
  • Features: Patch Management, Take Control and Remote Background Management must be disabled on the device

Refer to Asset Tracking Only Requirements for further information.

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