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Create a Custom SNMP Check Walkthrough

To illustrate how to create the custom SNMP Check based on the interface information retrieved from the MIB Browser, we have used the Add Custom SNMP Checks instructions as a background.

Add Custom SNMP Check

  1. Select the target Network Device in the Network Devices north pane.
  2. Go to the south Checks pane.
  3. Click Add Check > SNMP Check to open the configuration wizard.
  4. Choose whether to Use an existing SNMP Check from the library or Create a new SNMP check.

As this example covers adding a custom SNMP Checks to a device we will select the Create a new SNMP check option,

Create a new SNMP Check


  1. Enter the SNMP check name for identification.
  2. To avoid potential confusion, we suggest the use of unique names for each Check.

  3. Enter: Port Information as a name.

  4. Select the associated Device vendor name and Product type from the drop-downs.
  5. Select Unknown for generic or non-vendor specific Checks.

    Select Unknown for both the vendor and type.

  6. Choose whether to Save check to custom checks library for use on other devices.
  7. Tick this option where you want to add this custom check to the library.

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