Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Setup the MSP Solution

For the ConnectWise MSP integration the Management IT Solution must be setup and each Dashboard customer linked to it.

The Management IT Solution is created in ConnectWise:

  1. Go to System in the left menu
  2. Select Setup Tables
  3. Search for Management IT in Table
    1. Choose Management IT in the returned results
    2. Click the add button (+) to open the New Management IT dialog and complete the following details:
      1. Enter the Name
      2. Select Custom in Custom Solution Name
      3. Leave the Username and Password fields blank to apply the Integrator Login to this Management Solution
  4. Click Save and Close

These details, along with the Integrator Login, are then entered in the Dashboard when configuring the ConnectWise MSP integration:



Custom SolutionName

Solution Name


Setup Name

For a customer to appear under the Management IT Solution they must be associated with it.