Entity Mapping

Once the PSA integration tool settings are configured it is necessary to map those devices on the Dashboard with the corresponding item in ConnectWise via:Settings, PSA Integration, Entity Mappings to ensure the PSA tickets are created against the correct Client.

The expandable PSA Entity Mappings dialog contains a number of view options including the ability to Expand All, Collapse All, Refresh, Hide Workstations and Hide/Show Mapped Entities to ease device management in the dialog.

Two mappings are available, use Auto-Map to automatically map Clients and Devices or map individual Clients and Devices manually.

Please note that when using the ConnectWise MSP solution the required customers must first be associated with the Management IT Solution before they are selectable from the Entity Mappings section, for information on setting this up please refer to:Associate the Management IT Solution with a Customer

If the newly mapped customer does not appear under Entity Mappings it may be necessary to clear the cache Settings, PSA Integration, Configure Cache, Refresh Cache - then go back to Entity Mapping and select the client.