To automatically map Dashboard clients to their counterparts within ConnectWise the Auto-Map option is used.

Where an account does not exist within ConnectWise it can be automatically added during the Auto Map process. Simply enable Auto-create missing PSA accounts, then enter the default Company Status and Company Type.


During the Auto-Mapping process a progress bar is displayed indicated the projected remaining time until the mapping is complete:


Once mapped the PSA Entity Mappings window displays the Local Entity from the Dashboard and PSA Entity as referenced in ConnectWise. Mapped items are indicated on the left with the link icon and newly mapped items marked with a green plus. Where an element was not successfully mapped amber square is displayed indicating further action is required. Non-mapped items are left blank

To edit (manually map) the PSA Entity, for example assign the local client against a different ConnectWise account, simply select the PSA Entity then pick the required item from the drop-down list. The drop-down also includes the facility to create a new PSA element. Further information on editing the PSA Entity is available in the Manual Map section.